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Ask for Solutions

Ask for Solutions The Great Divine Director through Maureen St. Germain

We always stand at the ready to assist you. As teachers and guides, we want you to know and understand how treasured you are. Your life is not expendable. Your life is powerful and transformative. No matter what you do, you affect consciousness.

We want you to be more supported, but we require you to ask us. We have repeatedly told you to ask and it will be given. Ask and we will help you. Yet you forget to ask. Sometimes you don’t ask because you are busy trying to solve things in the human way. This is all well and good; however, when you choose to ask us for help, we rush to assist you. Do not assume that if you make a blanket request in the morning — “I want all the helpers who can help me and all the beings of light to help me” — that it will solve every problem in your life. It will improve your life, but you don’t go to the general practitioner for a foot problem or a back problem. You go to the specialist.

In much the same way, when an issue comes up, when it is on your mind, requesting help is ideal. Be not afraid to identify what you observe as the problem. Be slow to name the solution, as we may have solutions you have not yet thought of that will aid you greatly. Maureen likes to tell the story of a mother who inherited money and was going to buy a new car for her son’s graduation. He knew he was getting a car, and he assumed she only had a little money, so he began looking in the used-car lot. He found a little car he liked, and he begged her to buy it. She finally relented, but he could have had a new car.