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Ascendant Mother-Father Creations

Ascendant Mother-Father Creations The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

In bio-ascension, how do the Mother-Father creation codes unify the atom’s separation to produce quantum life?

Quantum masters, creation’s eternal presence of consciousness can never be controlled. It can only be allowed because it is its own essence in embodied manifestation. As you leave the matrix Earth universe and ascend into your own creation, you self-realize the extreme degree that the Mother DNA love essence codes and the Father manifestation RNA codes have been misapplied in programmed limitation and separation. Separation and limitation are akin to living on half a DNA, half a body, half a brain, and half an I Am presence. This is a distortion in the biophysics of your universe, given its original blueprints, which essence one atomic DNA/RNA code with dormant or potential quantum codes.

The storied illusion you have been living says you have been creating through half an atom, and that is splicing itself rather than being in continual regenesis. How do you create through half your essence or half your soul except through the illusion of a space-time thought distortion?