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The Adventures of Golyga in the Realms of Spirit

The Adventures of Golyga in the Realms of Spirit Lilly Barnes

Once upon a time, Golyga had just returned from one of his many journeys into the wild blue yonder when he ran across a very lovely flower in full bloom at the crossroads. Golyga stopped to contemplate the beauty of the flower, never noticing that it was emitting a rather harsh fragrance — stink, actually.

By the time Golyga came out of his entranced state, he was covered in stink. So he ran off screaming, in search of a stream, a river, a lake, or an ocean — anything to rid himself of the horrible smell.

But Golyga found nothing of the kind. Howling with frustration, he hurled himself into the tiny trickle of a stream winding down the mountainside. After encountering numerous painful bruises and abrasions, he got up from the pebbles and shallow water and sniffed himself all over.