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Your Purpose Is to Radiate Your Essence

Your Purpose Is to Radiate Your Essence The Founders through Jaap van Etten

We are the Founders, the consciousness of the first wave of souls that came to Earth. In a previous sharing, we talked about the different star systems, which gave you an indication of the diversity of star systems with which humanoid consciousness connects. We also shared that your current knowledge and understanding of star systems and their importance is very limited. Now we will look at some of the background energies in the universe and your connections with them. Star systems form an important part of who you are — your energy system and your make-up. We will also give you some suggestions to help you connect more deeply with your essence.

Something That Holds the Whole

Infinite Consciousness expresses itself in infinite ways even beyond our comprehension. However, in its simplest form, any possibility you think about exists in some way or another. Anything you can imagine will be a possibility in some way, somehow, somewhere. Whether that possibility exists as an expression is something you might never find out. We say this with clear conviction but also with some care.

In human fantasy, you tend to mix things you know into a form, as in your fantasy stories and your science fiction. While details are not important, the principles on which you base your fiction or fantasy do exist. It might sound strange, but it is not possible to come up with something that has no potential for expression. We remind you that we too share from the perspective of the conscious construct in which we exist.