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The Wisdom of the Physical Body

The Wisdom of the Physical Body Lady Portia through Star Hinman

Greetings, my dears. There is no separation between the energies you consider to be yours and the “greater” energies in the universe, which is the crux of the teachings of ascension. These concepts are very much in your consciousness now. This is occurring because the energies of the times you live in are facilitating and heightening this information in your consciousness.

This is happening now for everyone on Earth who is paying attention. People have the opportunity to learn through osmosis many of these very advanced esoteric concepts of freedom from the limitations on human consciousness from being in physical form. You are seeing this fall away now because the things that were pressing on human consciousness and retarding your ability to make progress have been removed from Earth’s atmosphere.

You do not have to be as concerned about these things anymore. So many things like this have changed that you are on quite a different world than the one you were on even several years ago. Earth has radically changed what she is capable of manifesting in the way of consciousness because as she is freed of some of these influences, her energies increase exponentially. Every day you are seeing an increase that previously would have taken years to accomplish, and the pace of this growth is rapidly increasing until there are almost no limits as to what you can accomplish, learn, and manifest.