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What Really Happened to Lemuria and Atlantis

What Really Happened to Lemuria and Atlantis Terra Rae

Terra: Atlantis really gets people’s attention these days. It’s coming through our cellular memory now to enable us to examine and heal our role in the downfall of what I believe was a magnificent continent and a highly advanced civilization. It is coming up for many reasons right now. Since Atlantis became highly advanced technologically and scientifically, many people felt that Lemuria — the incredibly beautiful, abundant civilization that was in the Pacific — was “less than” and backward compared to Atlantis.

We don’t have many records of the large Lemurian continent because it sank completely. We also don’t hear much about it because the “powers that were” (I believe they are finally leaving or being taken) have not wanted people to know what we knew then and how we lived in harmony, grace, and balance on Lemuria for so long.

In the work I do with clients and our Team Earth group, we explore many ancient lives. Atlantis and Lemuria come up often. I believe this is because there are the same “dark hats” who took these magnificent continents down and are still working for world domination. People are ready to come clean in their role there. This is important since many today fear that we are going to destroy Earth again, which is coming up from a cellular memory.