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At Transition’s Door, Part 2

At Transition’s Door, Part 2 Isaiah with the Council of One through Kathryn Rawlings & Terry Spears

Exuberance goes through your core to the very inception of your spirit in form. Exuberance is the motivator for life. It holds tangible ingredients that propel your nature into a state of bliss, excitement, joy, and motivation to create.

We would like to touch on your exuberance and go deeply into the core level of who you are to awaken it. It is the motivator for your inner knowing. It is the catalyst to living beings in all stages of development, for the word and the nature of exuberance is an all-knowing nature.

So let us focus on the center point. As we explore this degree of inner wisdom, we will spark the traditional examination of this idea, and we will trigger the matrix of its inception to stimulate the doors of inner knowing to open wide as exuberance propels you to the core of your eternal wisdom, infinite knowing, finite knowing, and creative abilities. When you focus on exuberance, you will know that it is a creative endeavor from your Source, God, the Creator of all. As the master matrix of inner knowing, it is the seed core to who and what you are.