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Today Is a New Day

Today Is a New Day Mother Mary through Janet Desaulniers

Good day, my beloveds. I greet you in love and light with delight. It is always a great joy to communicate with you in this way. Today is precious. Each moment I spend with you — and you with me — is precious. In that oneness, we can create an uplifting energy to soothe and support you.

What does your day hold for you? You seem to have more to do in a shorter day. Many teachers and masters have given you information about the reality of time. On Mother Earth, it is necessary to have measurements of time to enable you to have order and planning. Within that understanding, I want to talk about living today.

Many of you struggle with facing each new day. It seems more difficult to get enough rest to handle all the responsibilities in life. If you have family to care for or health, disability, and other issues, it can add much to do in a day. Day after day, most of you push yourselves to accomplish what you must. At night it can weigh on your mind and keep you from having a good sleep. The cycle continues. Each day there are global and national concerns that seem to become more complex, and that can weigh on you. “So how do I live in peace, love, and joy?” you ask. Some of you feel it’s too much and wonder how you can continue. It is understandable. For those of you who are trying your best but can’t keep up with your life, we are here to help.