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The Sound of Creation

The Sound of Creation Shamael through Jonathan Goldman

Greetings, beloved beings. We bring you blessings of light and love through sound. For many years now, we have been working through Jonathan and many others to bring awareness of the power of sound to your planet. And many who reside on Gaia have had a rise in consciousness and thus greater realizations of how frequency and intent combine to manifest reality.

Mystic masters and stellar scientists have had this knowledge since before your recorded history. The understanding of this phenomenon of sound’s power to heal and transform is growing now more than ever. Some of this may be due to the expansion of what we call quantum sound — the ability of frequencies and tones coupled with consciousness (intent or belief or whatever you wish to call it) to take the unmanifested potential of the quantum matrix to create reality.

In this teaching, we would like to discuss the sound of creation. As you might know, there are many different spiritual and mystical traditions aware of this phenomenon that can be viewed as, “In the beginning was the Word.” Your modern astrophysicists are also quite conscious of this. At first, they theorized it as the Big Bang, but now it seems that scientists actually perceive the initial sound of creation as closer to a hum — the cosmic hum, in fact.