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The Second Sacred Seal

The Second Sacred Seal Mother Energy through Virginia Ellen

Virginia: Jesus graciously gave me an ancient mystical Egyptian practice that we have named Sacred Heart Yoga. This practice provides us with a way to bypass the intellect and enter the heart of God. In the holy place, you will find great peace, infinite love, and divine wisdom. Sacred Heart Yoga activates the sacred seals. This modern-day revelation of Jesus’s original yoga sheds light on his path to create unity of the human self with the divine self.

You will have the opportunity to experience God coming alive in every cell of your body! Your soul will be educated, your body will be illuminated, and your frequency will be quickened.

Within humanity, a divine energy lies dormant located in the sacred seals. It is the energy of pure crystal light. Each sacred seal is a chamber of energy, and within it is crystal energy, which is the purity and power of the Christ light. Within the second sacred seal, a pyramid transforms energy. Within this pyramid reside the Divine Mother and her powers of love. She brings to you unconditional, nurturing love, for her love is the power of transformation.