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Passion Initiates Journeys

Passion Initiates Journeys Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

On August 1, Lammas Day, the cosmic passion energies of love will fan the flames in the hearts of all within the cosmos. These energies empower and encourage a quantum leap of faith to follow the soul-heart’s desire. In this time of truth (August 2017), there will be tremendous revelations of heart, love, passion, destiny, and connection with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine expressions, rebirthing powerful change in people, places, things, situations, beliefs, and ways of being through expressions of life, love, and the pursuit of happiness for all beings.

Both solar and lunar energies will shine the light of truth on all that exists in the present space-time continuum. All humans will choose their perception, dialing it in or out, seeing the smallest particles or the huge cosmic picture according to what each chooses to perceive. Some might opt for boundaries, regulations, and seeming safety, empowering fear, endings, and death. Others will choose no boundaries and the freedom and responsibility of exploration of all options and experiences. Each choice will reflect in the type of life and world that will be experienced. All is free will.

This month, initiation within the passion fires of life, love, and truth is possible for those who desire this adventure and journey. For those more geared for safety, limitation, and security, the changes expressed will bring confusion about purpose, lifestyle, and belief. They will attempt to impose restrictions on the world around them as the ancient soul wounds of past traumas surface for healing and integration.