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The Next Level of Human Experience Is at Hand

The Next Level of Human Experience Is at Hand The group and Em through Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. We join you this day watching from afar. We must say first we are so incredibly proud of the work you are doing, of the energy you have brought to this beautiful game of free choice. Humans are absolutely astounding.

Know that you have done well. Many of you are incredibly interested in all the details: “How many times have I incarnated on Earth? What have I done before? Where is my energy now?” Dear ones, you already have all that information. You are what is important now — what you bring to life by looking at it and what you work with. And at this point, your energy is starting to really accelerate. Now, we have shared much of the information about the proverbial line in the sand, the fifty-year mark that remains on the timeline of planet Earth. That does not mean humanity will end. What it means is humans will change form in some fashion — all of you. But you have been doing that anyway, have you not? You have been stepping toward your lightbody, elevating your spirit and Earth. The challenge here is that you have been trying to measure Earth as a rising vibration. Even the Schumann resonance had a new high recently, and everyone was very joyous that things were getting better. And then we sort of dropped a bomb by stating that, in fact, from Earth’s perspective, she is transitioning.

We have used a lot of different words to explain this, including “dying.” She is certainly on what you might call a death cycle, but nothing ever truly dies, dear ones. Energy only transforms from one form to another. When you look at Mars, you can see that she lost her magnetosphere some time ago. That is the magnetic protection that kept everything at a distance and allowed for the creation of the ozone layer she had in the past. It is fascinating to see that the cycle of planet Earth is reaching the end. It does not mean she will die, but it means she will go through a transition. Most of the forms of light currently here may not go through the transition the same way that Earth will.