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New Light

New Light Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There’s an energy here that you can touch and feel, and it’s here by design. Old souls have come to the end of the day, the end of the teaching, and they are starting to think about what was said [referring to the seminar during the day]. Joined together in song and in love, there is goodness here. There is benevolence. There is harmony, and that’s what often happens when old souls of like mind come together.

I want to give a channeling about something called new light. Dear ones, everything I tell you is good news. I want you to understand the reason for these channelings. The reason we do this is that there is something to say at this time that is different from any other time. We’ve spoken of this before, but this message is different, and I sit in a place that needs to hear it so that the hearts start to relax and know there really is a plan.

New light — what is it? Light is a metaphor, and the phrase “light and dark” is a metaphor for different kinds of consciousness on the planet. I don’t have to explain that to Humans. Over time, you’ve seen the darkest of the dark, and you’ve seen the lightest of the light. When you think about that which is beautiful and God-like or the innocence of a child, your heart lightens. It’s beautiful light! The high consciousness of benevolence and beauty and harmony is the light we speak of, and darkness is just the opposite. What happens in a dark room when you light a candle? The darkness goes away. So light has always been that which will win over darkness if there’s enough of it.