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Navigating through Fear to Be in Oneness

Navigating through Fear to Be in Oneness Archangel Zadkiel through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Be in oneness! Be in joy! This is the mantra of the day, to be in oneness and to be in joy! We come forward with our divine presence to offer this mantra to assist the divine reawakening of the conscious memory so that all who choose can remember to be in oneness and to be in joy as we offer this gift for all at a moment when there is great concern about the blessing of being and the presence of joy.

Humanity is circling in this moment, and the moment before you is a blessed sacrament. This linear year has been an evolution of energy that offers to any and all who wish to claim them blessings, convocation, release, and great empowerment. Simply breathe in this moment, and discover this as the blessing it is.

Through the multitude of events that have transpired and are to come, many feel as if they have been taken from spirit and then offered through the realm of density and given back to spirit again. This is an energetic experience of the perfection of a circle, and it comes forward during the time of the great cycle.