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The Multiple Versions of You

The Multiple Versions of You The Great Divine Director through Maureen St. Germain

This is the Great Divine Director providing you with information about the Mandela effect. If you have not heard this term, you might not understand what it means. But many remember, including this channel, when Nelson Mandela died in prison. Many remember when he was released from prison and began his public service. People began to wonder whether their minds were failing. Since this occurred to a widespread population, many understood it to be merging timelines that produced an unexpected effect.

You could use this as a force for good. When you work with timelines, you will weave them together like a braid. We have spoken of this before, but as you move toward unity in 5D expression, you will have no need for painful, harsh memories. You will have no need to remember your deep wounds.

You will have grown in your awareness to understand that those experiences, although real, were not beneficial. Humanity’s inhumanity went too far. So many of these memories are being rewoven and reworked. As you move into your place of deep connection with time, your hurtful memories will soften because you will tap into the great connection that represents not only your experience but also the experiences of the perpetrator. You will be in such a place of connection with the Divine that you will not need to forgive. This is an important step. Wounding requires that you acknowledge the wound and validate the experience. Validating the experience does not require you to suffer repeatedly.