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Incoming Energies for a New and Better World

Incoming Energies for a New and Better World Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

We have good news that requires something of you personally and collectively to make the good manifest. You need to open to the new energies coming to Earth at this time. These energies began injecting themselves into your planet some time ago. However, they are now of a large enough quantity that their effect and purpose need to be addressed:

  • When these energies interact with the third-dimensional properties on your planet and in your dimension, they will shift what you currently know as reality.
  • At first, the change will be quite subtle, almost unnoticeable (except by those who are aware of and sensitive to energies).
  • As the quantity of these energies increases, they become more intense so that more of you will become aware of them until all beings on your planet experience them.