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Honor Your Truth

Honor Your Truth Donna Taylor

August is likely to be a passionate month, featuring turning points and new beginnings as the hand of destiny slips in and orchestrates matters from above. With two eclipses and Mercury retrograde, it would be foolish to think that this will be an easy month; however, it will be an interesting month full of opportunities to manifest creative change in any area of life that has become stagnant.

Sometimes when Mercury turns retrograde accompanied by other dramatic celestial events, things on Earth can get rather intense. The good news is that there are much fewer difficult aspects between the planets than we’ve seen in recent months (and years). So my feeling is that August will offer the possibility of new beginnings along with a period of reflection so that we can make better choices.

The lunar eclipse occurs on August 7 in the sign of Aquarius and opposes Mars. This is an emotionally intense eclipse when feelings resemble experiences imparted in The Magic Porridge Pot. It will be difficult to keep a lid on things, and we might find that our emotions spill out and overpower us or those around us. The Aquarius and the Leo people are likely to feel this eclipse more strongly than the other signs, and the Aries and Scorpio folks might experience a little drama too. The positive side is that lunar eclipses often bring clarity, and this is something we can all look forward to if things have been a little cloudy lately. The involvement of Mars will enable things to happen more obviously than we would normally associate with a lunar eclipse. This is a good time to get clear on matters that were previously confusing and to use motivation and determination to make things happen.