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Highly Sensitive People Are Here to Help Humanity

Highly Sensitive People Are Here to Help Humanity Master Adalah’ through Ingrid Auer

Greetings. I am Master Adalah'. You are still surprised that there are people among you who are more thin-skinned, more sensitive, than most other people. Maybe you think of them as oversensitive and therefore do not integrate as easily in society as others. Highly sensitive people are harbingers and members of a new species of human beings, and they are everywhere on Earth. Maybe you imagined them differently. Maybe you thought of them as extraterrestrials. Well, that is not entirely wrong; after all, these highly sensitive people come from far away in the universe.

Many of the souls who reincarnate as highly sensitive people in your time are here by choice. Most of them have already left the wheel of reincarnation and could withdraw to a higher plane of planet Earth if they wanted to. They have come here of their own volition to serve humanity and Gaia. They are the ones you call Indigo or Crystal children, and you frequently forget that they are not children anymore but have been grownups for a long time.

If you want to give a new orientation to your life and planet Earth, you cannot carry on the way you have been. You know that! It needs many people to live from their hearts, see more than with just their physical eyes, think with more than their physical intellect, and not be wedged in by apparent truths. Those you call highly sensitive have come to you, and you push them to the margins of society because they are not able to perform the way you do. Performance can be defined in various ways.