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Help Eradicate the Lie

Help Eradicate the Lie Archangel Metatron through Jill Harrison

This channeling is in response to the recent terrorist suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, on May 22, 2017, that left twenty-two young people dead and fifty-nine injured. Archangel Metatron wanted to address the anger that followed and was very passionate. What Metatron was inferring here is that the terrorist bomber, who was a Muslim, was lied to and was programmed to believe he was acting in the name of Allah. He had bought into the lie.

Blessings! Imagine for one moment that someone you knew had been told a lie. Imagine the lie that person was told had robbed him or her of a life of happiness, love, sharing, and peace. Now imagine that the lie ultimately resulted in that person’s suicide. How would you feel? Would you feel sad? Would you feel compassion? Would you ask yourself whether there was something you could have done or said that would have made a difference? Would you contemplate the emotional duress and trauma the person experienced that took him or her to that particular course of action? Would you send love and pray for him or her? Would you feel pain for the family and friends who have to try to pick up the pieces afterward? Most of you reading this will answer yes.

Now, how would you feel if that someone I just spoke of was a lost soul, a soul who others would label a terrorist? Perhaps your feelings are beginning to change. Perhaps now your judgment about right and wrong is starting to argue whether that soul who had committed suicide was worthy of your love, your prayers, and even your pity. If it has, stop! Do not buy into the lie. When you stop, you see that you were buying into the lie. This lie leads you toward prejudice. It will take your soul down a path to darkness, fear, judgment, anger, and hatred.