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Healing an Addictive World

Healing an Addictive World The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

What is an addiction, and how does it begin? An addiction is an attachment that has gone bad. Over time, it can hinder your ability to control your thoughts, beliefs, fears, and actions to the point your natural impulses turn on automatically. Habits of any type of sense perception shape future habits that often end up as addictions. Have you noticed that your world has become a planet where addiction is becoming a normal way of existing? The cause is always fear, panic, dread, and worry about whatever creates anxiety and how a person will react.

Addiction is one reason pharmaceutical companies are increasingly dominating the health care of the people in the United States and other countries. New drugs are being created as fast and plentiful as the people who have become permanently damaged or have died from them. Most drugs are tested on people who have an illness, and each drug is made to suppress symptoms with little to no regard for healing. Human beings are the guinea pigs for the drug companies, and if people die and their families sue the company, no problem. The prices for most prescription drugs are so high that drug companies have plenty of money to settle lawsuits.

Many pharmaceutical companies appear to be creating a dependency on drugs that is dangerous and sometimes fatal. You might have noticed more states in the United States can now legally grow and sell marijuana as a daily getaway from life. The means of getting high (and feeding the addiction of getting high) is around every corner. All you have to do is decide how much you are willing to pay for it — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.