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An Exploration of Truth

An Exploration of Truth Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings. You are probably aware that all truth has been presented over and over again while the beings on Earth begin to awaken and then absorb, in a most expanded manner, how truth is made manifest in physicality.

I am Teacher, and I’d like to present some of those truths that seem to dance around your lifely journey — you know, those truths that you read and then say, “Oh yeah, I know that one,” and then go on with your day. I ask you these questions: Why do you think they continue to be presented to you? Is there something you are missing? In answer to those questions, I am delighted to present you with some of the truths that you continue to receive, and then I am more than delighted to speak about what they might mean to you, to your journey on Earth. Here we go!

The Truth of Abundance

The first truth I’d like to speak about is this: All abundance flows forth to its fullest capacity, presenting itself to you according to your beliefs. Yes, it seems that the issue of abundance is always dancing around you, inviting you to discover its full meaning.