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EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: Soldier On!

EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: Soldier On! Maria Yracébûrû

Diiyin’s note: In the 2012 shift, energies began to cycle around the shifting magnetic grid. Some people noticed, and some did not. Some people knew why, and others did not. But every one of us knows something is going on. People are protesting again, and the economy and the world might be going down the toilet any day now. Still, there are those who touch the heart of Spirit and Earth every morning, finding solace in connection and the vision to continue in a life-enhancing manner.

When we do this, we find our paths swept clean of many obstacles and challenges that we might have given energy to. After morning connection, it’s like having a question from Trivial Pursuit roll by. We might notice, but it’s noneffectual in steering us from our forward, positive momentum, and we have some fun along the way. We become more productive, calmer, and generally happier.

August Prayers

Beckoned by the patterns of star clans, shida’a aayani (Uncle Buffalo), we take risks and trust the universe to bring opportunities to shine our lights. We are ready.