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Connect with Your Passion

Connect with Your Passion Archangel Raphael through Trisha Michael

Creation is the dialogue of moving into passion. To create, a soul knows the excitement of moving in its chosen process and to celebrate its chosen destiny. Many have identified passion as only a piece of a romantic setting. Yet passion is the pivotal piece of moving your physical form to the next step of your evolution. If you are not passionate, you do not undertake the fullness, depth, and sacredness of what you are bringing to that movement. Many tune out passion, for in your ego world, it is about exciting a sexual space and not understanding passion that is invoked within the body in a chemical response to create something not yet in your now.

Passion pushes you to step beyond your fear and to move into a greater heart space. If you do not have passion, you hold the world in a fearful paradigm. Your world in the ego space constantly moves passion into something you don’t want instead of saying yes as you show others your passion. How often is one told not to get too passionate about a person, place, or thing? If you are too passionate, it can look like an addiction. What do you do to those you label addictive personalities?

The souls who hold passion as part of their principles and grounding in exhilarating their chi force to manifest a world that holds the depth of their love and their joy have come to help others remember that a passionate purpose is not evil. Being passionate causes you to expand your realities. It causes you to connect with others. Passion holds movement unknown to your logical order of safety because passion is part of creativity and allows you to think beyond any construct of safety. You long to not be imprisoned by the forces of fear but rather to celebrate the extension of love. Passion propels you to reach outside that fear and to make movement a calling of excitement in creating a permanent story of celebrating the oneness of love.