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Be Encouraged to Step into the Light

Be Encouraged to Step into the Light Lynn Buess

August brings more light to the split between the yearning within the masses for a new golden dawn in global consciousness and the manipulation of collective human idealism by the self-interests of powerbrokers. For example, we have leaders saying we are working toward peace while allocating trillions of dollars for weapons of war and sending billions of dollars of weapons to known unstable regimes. Charity and philanthropic organizations are created as fronts for sabotage and destabilization. Childcare institutions funnel young people into sex trafficking and for exploitive sexual abuse.

Along with all the leaking atomic centers around the globe comes the increased risk of a nuclear explosion and possible warfare. It is a moment that encourages coming out from hiding and stepping into the light. When people hide from themselves, they fail to recognize the darkness in the social acts of those in public leadership.

There is a suggested three-month window when the awakening and discerning can detect subtle breakthroughs in a paradigm shift of cosmic, galactic, systemic, and planetary nature. A rock in the sky will catch the attention of every eye.