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Be Aware of Your Resistance

Be Aware of Your Resistance Lynn Andrews

Did you know that you are fearless, generous, gracious, creative, and able to shift your destiny? You are! So what is keeping you from celebrating yourself and from living the bountiful life you deserve and can create?

In reviewing the events of the past several years, I found a luminous thread that led me through the maze of challenges we face today. How did the events of our time form into the chaos of the world today and the turmoil in our personal lives? As you hold up your star shield to the Great Spirit, you see a dangerous imbalance of the male and female energies on Earth.

We must balance the intellect and mind of the male with the intuition and emotion of the female to understand how we came here from nature and what we are made of. If not, then maybe we are lost. Maybe our evolution as a species will actually cease. However, we can make a choice to prevent that and achieve a critical balance. I believe it comes down to the one lesson that the Sisterhood of the Shields taught me over and over: how to give up resistance and pick up the shield of empowerment.