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Astrology Demystified

Astrology Demystified Universal Wisdom through Nansea Lee

We understand that many of you are searching for more meaning and purpose to your lives. Your soul asked to be born on your planet at this time of tremendous change. Before you incarnated, one of your requests was that you wanted to be more aware in your current life. If you are aligned with your original soul desire, it is your responsibility to continue expanding your awareness year after year.

We would like to clarify some aspects of astrology by simplifying some of the elements of this esoteric science. Astrology has valuable information for you. It has been around for thousands of years, and different perspectives have been used throughout the ages.

The basis of astrology is energy, and it reflects how you are connected to a much bigger energy than what you see and feel in your third-dimensional reality. Your astrological birth chart is the blueprint of your body’s energy. This energy is also considered quantum energy, as it is active and often resembles the actions of a magnet throughout your life.