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Animal Whisperer: Saber-Toothed Soul Mates

Animal Whisperer: Saber-Toothed Soul Mates Your Ever-Loving Pets through Kim Malonie

I just read your column in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. I always enjoy reading how you give the animals a voice. I love it! I was wondering why Bucky and Opal and I have always had a very close connection, almost as if we’re soul mates. Is that true?

— Sara, Pennsylvania

“Hi, Mom. Bucky and Opal here to let you know why you feel we are soul mates. You’re highly spiritual to have picked up on that. And you’re right; we are, always have been, and always will be soul mates. We bet a lot of people didn’t know animals also have past lives. Oh, come on now — of course we have! We love to come back and be with our people time and time again; someone has to take care of you, after all!

“Let us tell you about one of our most recent past lives and the adventures we had together. That life is one of our favorites because we were bigger then and, yes, more powerful. The continent looked much different than it does today. Time was irrelevant, and the animals were much bigger than they are today. We loved it back then because most of us were bigger than people. We were saber-toothed cats — yeah, baby!