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Akashic Answers: Recognize Your Call to Action

Akashic Answers: Recognize Your Call to Action Amanda Romania

For the past few months, I felt confused and drained of energy, so I sought spiritual healing from a local Reiki master. She told me that a spirit had attached to my energy and, unaware that it had died, was living through it. The Reiki healer said she removed this spirit when she performed the healing on me. I am a little alarmed that this could happen. I would like to know how to prevent it from happening again by working with my akashic records.

— Judy, Boston

From Amanda: One of the first spiritual workshops I attended was on how to release lost souls and spirits who have passed on. It is always a little alarming when they are first encountered; however, this is very powerful spiritual work.

To release any contracts in the akashic records, first look at your past lives to see whether you ever openly prayed and wished someone dear to you who had died would return to you, even in spirit, to comfort you. This prayer needs to be forgiven and released in your records. This is often why spirits think you are open energy giving them an opportunity to connect with you.