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Your Victory in Light Is Imminent

Your Victory in Light Is Imminent Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters through Star Hinman

Truth is not without but within you! The greatest lesson I ever learned in my spiritual journeys was that truth is within me, not outside of me. You can do the same, dearest ones, through learning to trust yourselves and the larger process of aligning with the truth of who you are and all that lies deep within your divine presence.

This realization that truth lies within is the greatest liberation of humanity’s consciousness. No one else can tell you what you know or feel. Your emotions are your own. Your thoughts and feelings are your own, and they often act as your advisers. They are sacred to you. You are all destined to learn the truth that lies deep within the seeming simplicity of these words.

Each person has a unique identity written within. Learning to reach and access it — to fully connect with it and perceive it — is sometimes a challenging process for human beings. Part of being human is having doubts and fears, but you must not allow them to overrun your consciousness. They are, in reality, shadows in the night that have only the power you give to them, so have faith and foster trust in yourselves. As this process grows, you will find it easier and easier to connect with the truth within you, for it is done by faith.