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Welcome to Earth, Your Planet of Learning

Welcome to Earth, Your Planet of Learning Sanat Kumara through Ingrid Auer

You are voluntary participants in a great experiment. As part of a fully developed, divine awareness, you have descended to a low planetary level. You have forgotten everything about yourselves — who you are on the spiritual level, how the connections between heaven and Earth work, who and what God is, and your supernatural abilities.

The human experiment was already planned at a time when you were all sparks of light or awareness living in the divine Source. Then you were connected to the divine wisdom and the interdimensional knowledge. You were not just part of this source of awareness; you were the source itself. But there came a time when you wanted to make new, unknown experiences, which are only possible outside the divine Source. Therefore, you have wrapped up all your interdimensional awareness and universal knowledge, isolated it, and saved it inside you.

Visualize this: Imagine your entire divine knowledge is saved on a microchip that you have wrapped and sealed inside a small capsule inside you. You take this knowledge, your spark of awareness, on a journey through eons to the destination of a then uninhabited planet called Earth. On Earth, you recognize that divine evolution has reached a point at which new creatures — humans — will develop later in time. You incarnated as sparks of awareness into matter to awaken these humans to life. As your universal divine knowledge was all locked up inside you, you were able to make human experiences that were not possible before.