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Take Action for Satisfaction

Take Action for Satisfaction Teacher through Miriandra Rota

There comes a time when all beings ask themselves to shed that which they have made themselves believe they enjoy when, in truth, they do not enjoy what they are doing or, more so, reside in a flat, bored manner, waiting to do something else, something that will give them a feeling of fulfillment inside.

Yes, I am Teacher, and I am inviting you to pay attention to your inner nudgings so that you can begin to understand what will bring you fulfillment. Now, what does that mean, and how can you do that? Like this.

Firstly, there is the taking of a deep breath, slowing down for a moment or two, and then giving the dedicated time to reflect. This is a major ingredient, my dears. So many are running from “here” to “there” or are partly asleep while they perform what they must do, and there is little time for reflection. I am asking you to prepare to do this. I am asking you to deliberately set aside a time when you can really reflect — that is, a time when you are undisturbed by anyone or anything, including your phone.