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The Sphere Is the Point of Origin

The Sphere Is the Point of Origin Shaman from South America through Robert Shapiro

All right.


This is a time for peoples on Earth to consciously create. You have to be strong with yourself now. When you find yourself worrying or imagining that something bad might happen or recalling when something bad happened or even thinking of something that was uncomfortable that is a memory, you have to discipline yourself, pull yourself out of that, and just be in the present. The present may not be good for some of you — this is a reality in your time — so simply saying, “Focus in the present moment” is not sufficient for many people, especially when the present moment is filled with discomfort, irritants, worries, or worse. These are important times, and people have to make an effort to create consciously — conscious creation. The simple version is to not dwell on the past and not focus on unhappiness. Try to be in your present if it is better than the things that are troubling you, worrying you.

For these minor irritants or discomforts in your life, this gesture will help: With your right hand in front of you, imagine sweeping the annoying events or uncomfortable thoughts out of the way. Use the back of your fingers, and move them as if you were whisking a paper cup off a table in front of you. When you are in a situation that is difficult, use this gesture. When you have a moment and are alone or with people who will look away to give you privacy, reach out in front of you and motion as if you were washing a window. Move your hand back and forth, and say, “I ask to be able to benevolently reach into my good future.”