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Remember the Power of Love

Remember the Power of Love Xenanthium through Hugh Campbell

People come to this Earth realm to have experiences in which they are in total control over how love flows to and from them. They choose the controls that are experience-based emotions. The emotions they choose become triggers that, if not addressed consciously, become their default reactions. People forget that they chose these experiences to remember the power of love by seeing passed the murkiness of selfish emotions and reestablishing their connection with all life.

When people do not work through emotional experiences and release them, the emotions remain within their energetic fields and cause imbalance in the physical body. These energetic imbalances in the body are known as dis-ease. The severity of the disease is directly proportional to the amount and number of emotional experiences that have not been addressed and are being held within the energetic field.

The more people immerse themselves in these emotions, the more they energize disease. Many will have problems with these revelations because it states simply that people are the creators of their own diseases! People are the creators of everything that happens to them.