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Prepare for Stark Clarity

Prepare for Stark Clarity Donna Taylor

One of the lovely things about the cosmos is that it never gives you more than you can handle, and when things are tough, it steps in to give you what you need. Herbalists are aware of this phenomenon. They notice that when someone is suffering from a particular condition, the appropriate herb grows in or around that person’s garden. Nature knows what we need and happily provides it.

So what is it that we all need right now? Well, I’ll come to that in a minute. First consider where we might be out of alignment. With Neptune so heavily active and most of the planets in the mutable (changeable) signs, we flounder under the rays of confusion and instability. It might feel as though life is all over the place or that we don’t know where we’re going or what we want. On a smaller scale, we might individually feel confused about some aspect of our lives, or we might find it difficult to move forward with conviction and determination. Neptune’s square to Saturn is largely responsible for this indefiniteness, and at least it encourages us to go with the flow a bit more, which is good advice right now.

It is difficult, under the current planetary picture, to be certain about much. Perhaps we need to allow more time for things to take shape. For some people, there might be a sense of frustration, tiredness, or inability to know how to get from where they are to where they want to be. Others might avoid the frustration by switching on the TV, surfing the Net, or having an extra drink or two. Better ways to handle things are to meditate or contemplate the essence of the frustration in quietness, as answers are more able to bubble up to the surface when the mind is still.