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The Power of Human Energy

The Power of Human Energy Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

We speak to you of universal energy. It is how all is created, it is what all consists of, and it is under your control. It is you, humans, who are responsible for the movement of all energy in your world, all the varying speeds at which energy moves, all the various forms it takes, and all the resultant creations. This is true not only in your third dimension but also in the many others yours is connected to. What is of your world is not contained only within your world, your dimension, and your reality. What you do with the energy in your reality bleeds into compatible realities and worlds of similar frequency, and it affects them in some way.

How these realities are affected is of prime concern. Yours is the first and main planet of free choice. What you choose to do with energy affects not only you and your world but also uncountable others in their worlds. One of your lessons of the highest magnitude has been and continues to be responsibility. What you create, you are responsible for. You are responsible for that creation and its use. This is rather like the belief of one of your native peoples who judge all actions and all creations by how they will affect more than one specific person or the many people for whom it could have been designed. Their criterion is how it will affect all people for seven generations forward. The truth is that the energy of all actions and all creations is for all whoever exist.

The effects of how you use energy may not be as grand as the creation of atomic power and its use as a weapon. The effects of using the atomic bombs will be felt for generations to come on your planet and on many others that are connected to you within a certain and specific frequential range. Whether your actions and creations have as great an impact as the atomic bomb or are minute and barely noticeable, they nevertheless affect others.