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Heal Yourself to Heal the World

Heal Yourself to Heal the World Amma through Cathy Chapman

Good morning, my dear ones, or good afternoon or good evening. I love technology, because it is beginning to model even more how we communicate. It is not exactly like telepathy, but you can communicate with each other in any time or space simply by putting words onto a recording, and others can listen to it at any time. With those words comes the energy. The energy of the spoken words is more present than the energy of the written word unless you ask specifically to place your energy within the words. Now, of course, you can feel the energy within the written word without that conscious intention, but if you write a love letter or a thank-you note, something from your heart, ask that the energy of those words and the feelings you have move into the words you write. I am talking about writing by hand. If you are writing a letter in anger, then it is best not to have the energy within the written words. The words will communicate it well enough, but let’s not bring the low vibration in. This brings us to the energy of today’s topic.

How Chakras Connect to the Physical

First, I’d like to address some simple questions one of you sent in. Someone asked, “Of the different chakras, whether there are seven or twelve or fourteen or twenty-one, are they only within the physical body?” The answer is that they are all connected in a particular way to the physical body. However, if you were to feel those chakras, some of them would seem, in a sense, outside of each other. I have described it as similar to nesting dolls. The smallest doll is in the middle, within larger and larger and larger dolls. In a sense, you have the seven chakras in the middle, and then the others come around it, but they are inverted because they are coming into you at the same time in your physical energy.