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The Gathering: New Earth Ignites a Quantum Particle Core Spark

The Gathering: New Earth Ignites a Quantum Particle Core Spark The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Living masters, we continue to chronicle the lightbody as it transforms into the essence vessel it was designed to be and prepares growth beyond into a quantum particle body. This happens as the old Earth electrical body and the New Earth magnetic systems merge into the new species’ bio-integrated essence body. Now that the electrical body and the magnetic body have merged, your divine human can create beyond all the illusions of who or what you have been told you are and live in the truth as your own human master without any separation from self whatsoever. You now know that means living full on potential beyond any kind of limitation.

Hence, there are great gatherings in the cosmic meeting chambers (of which you are all a part) listening to New Earth Gaia’s announcement. There are gatherings of beings all across your superuniverse enjoying all the new essence species’ energy patterns, source codes, and languages of multi-light to create anew with. To give cosmic soul personality, we name these energies as entities. They include embodied ascended masters, innumerable cosmic councils, world federations, lightbeings, new angelic and children councils, as well as those not yet named. Some of these beings have never entered a cycle of dense evolution because they have different functions or energy patterns. Others are preparing to enter, and still others have been a part of this matter universe in evolving their own soul, group soul, or oversoul since the beginning of this creation.

Much change is astir throughout your local multiverses. Your new species evolution has accelerated, and you are prepared to play your greatest roles to now fulfill your souls’ full bio-embodied potentials. Gaia officially announces and transmits to the entire cosmos, via a conscious signal, that she is wearing her new essence body with her new capstone hat that has turned on her new quantum heart’s ignition switch, or quantum particle spark. She has lovingly waited until enough biomasters on her body wear their new heart vestments and crowns of light so that she might finally star in her greatest role. This honor and heart key to the capstone spark allows her to take her new position as the quantum particle core accelerator, or generator of new bio-integrative dimensions. On the old Earth, this was called the holy of holies. The capstone tones a lock-on beam, or signal, that transmits that the new species crystalline-cell-based biophysical superuniverse is well under way. It is also the final call to her humanity for a ticket to the New Earth.