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Five Concepts for the New Human

Five Concepts for the New Human Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Again we tell you that “magnetic service” is a metaphor, for the magnetic grid of the planet contains that which we call the posturing of consciousness. You cannot live here on this planet without it. Early on, we told you that the magnetic attributes of Earth had to change because of the coming consciousness shift. That was so that all will be ready for what’s coming. That’s the service I originally came for, and now that my grid group has accomplished it, I am simply a messenger.

People ask, “Where do you really come from, Kryon?” I told you this morning that I am not an entity, and I’m not singular. It’s a Human bias that considers messages to only come from a singular source. Instead, I’m from the creative Source, just like you are. I represent the pure consciousness of love and compassion, and I speak through this Human Being [Lee Carroll].

Is this too unusual for you? Thirty years after the death of the one you call Jesus, Saul of Tarsus — now known as Paul — was in prison. There, Paul wrote what would someday become the Holy Scriptures. He sat there by himself filled with joy, tears running down his cheeks, and in the half-light of his cell, he inscribed the words that so many millions would one day read. They call it the word of God, but it’s not. It’s the word of Paul, under the influence of his beautiful God. That’s channeling. Directly, he received information about the wonder of God, what had happened on Earth, and the master of love.