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Expect Upheaval in the Fall

Expect Upheaval in the Fall Lynn Buess

The coming months will be full of confrontation, confusion, counterattack, and informational chaos when news and most social information are no longer concerned with accuracy or truth. Rather, the emphasis is on information specifically prepared to solicit a distinct response. This disinformation is reinforced by further deception that continues down the path of the original disinformation. Over time, the disinformation is reinforced so frequently that the recipient swallows it hook, line, and sinker.

The entire planetary proliferation of propaganda, lies, and information games that have been going on for decades (probably longer) become more evident to the awakening members of the general public. Our heroes could someday be the hackers who pour out information that reveals not only the tricks of the disinformation trade but also the identities of those behind it and how they have been doing it. Several conspiracy theories fall by the wayside, exposed as shoddy research, imagination, and in some cases, fraud. Much of the conspiracy industry will be exposed as generated.

Radiation contamination continues to be an issue with more revelations of aging reactors and dumpsite leakages throughout the United States. This, along with the accumulating Fukushima count, raises the contamination level to disturbing heights.