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Do Not Limit Yourselves

Do Not Limit Yourselves Be Light! through Laura Pieratt

There is great mastery returning in this cycle. It is time to renew and regenerate physically and on all other levels as you establish new parameters for health and well-being. You are moving in the direction of stable peace and prosperity that will support a more abundant and cooperative lifestyle for all. As you raise your frequency and create this higher-vibrational way of living, your bodily functions will improve radically as you rise above the frequencies that support dis-ease, pain, and suffering.

Realigning with Source light frequencies of unconditional love and unity consciousness will naturally dissolve the lower vibrations and raise you above the levels of dis-ease and dis-function physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This could seem like pie-in-the-sky objectives to those of you still clearing the old energies from your systems, for you are progressing through an intensely difficult stage of extreme polarity that facilitates the ability to see separation where it exists. As you clear, the old mental and emotional patterns — wounds, traumas, drama, blame, disempowerment, entrapment, abuse of power, judgment, fear, lack, limiting beliefs, defensiveness, enemy programming, and so forth — and that which keeps you in such states of separation will organically move into greater states of love, unity, and awareness. This will carry you more fluidly and easily into even higher levels of alignment with your divine self and oneness. It is like clearing a dam so that the waters of a river can flow freely to reestablish a healthy ecosystem.

Have patience and faith as you stay the path of willingly releasing what no longer serves you so that something even better can take root. Trust and know you are not alone. Indeed, you are being helped at unimaginable levels. But if you intentionally resist, stay contracted due to fear and stress, or deny yourself the help that is available due to self-doubt or self-worth issues, such assistance must await your willingness and surrender. You must release the old into the new being offered to all in this now time of new beginnings of the golden age. We remind you not to limit yourself to what you believe is possible but rather to open your heart and mind to the presence of miracles!