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The Choice Is Yours

The Choice Is Yours Archangel Michael through Norma Gentile

I appreciate that my guides and angels honor my humanity and my experience as a human. They often blend their energies with mine and show me patterns and information. During these blended channelings, I speak from my human perspective, sharing what I understand to the best of my ability. I trust that the underlying energetic quality will awaken within each reader a corresponding understanding.

The Devil You Know

American politics isn’t about American politics. It’s about the patterns, beliefs, and spiritual agents1 active right now within society that our culture is ready to look at. It is about what we, as Americans, need to make a choice about. We can choose to continue certain behaviors, or we can choose to change them. Even the choice to continue certain behaviors will be made in a conscious manner because the candidates and the circus of it all are bringing it to our attention.

We are choosing between two distinct ways of living life. These two choices can most easily be summed up as questions: