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Animal Whisperer: Understand Your Pet's Behavior Change

Animal Whisperer: Understand Your Pet's Behavior Change Your Ever-Loving Pets through Kim Malonie

Disclaimer: Please note that Kim Malonie is not a veterinarian and does not diagnose or treat. Always contact your veterinarian for help.

Dear Kim,

I’m writing about my sixteen-year-old orange tabby cat, Ginger. He has always been the sweetest, even-tempered cat I have ever known. But over the past couple of years, he’s gotten a bit crabby, and his personality has changed when things aren’t to his liking.

He doesn’t bite or scratch, usually, but his expression and tone of voice sometimes seem threatening. The biggest problem I’m having right now is he’s waking up around four or five o’clock in the morning and pacing circles around my head. He keeps this up on and off until I finally get up. He’s really disturbing my sleep!

I’m wondering what’s going on with him and how I can help him to get better rest. Is he healthy? Or is there a problem that needs to be addressed? I am very grateful for your help.