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Activate the Layers of Your Kundalini

Activate the Layers of Your Kundalini Master Kundala through Rae Chandran

Dear all, this is Master Kundala from a place known as Neuremia, which is between the nineteenth and the twentieth dimensional spaces. I am not a being in human terms but rather a spectrum of light that holds the DNA imprint of many planets, the Milky Way, other galaxies, and what are in them. Everything in the universe is encoded with DNA — the very blueprint or the energy/thought form by which it was created.

There are many benefits for humankind knowing more about their DNA and the kundalini energy within them. Kundalini energy exists in all seven chakras (except the first, as has been assumed until this point) and above. Kundalini is known as male and female or father/mother energies. When people awaken (what you term nirvana or samadhi), many experience only the first layer of kundalini within them. Although this is a significant event, it is only a very small part in one’s evolution. Fully joining with the creative intelligence in which you are allowed to participate with the Creator happens only when you have fully integrated all seven layers of kundalini energy.

When you awaken to the first layer, there will be subtle shifts in your energy and perspective. The period it takes to fully integrate this first layer of energy is usually between six and nine months, occasionally twelve months. The second, third, and fourth levels of awakening can happen ninety days after the first layer has fully integrated. The integration of the fifth and the sixth layers can happen within forty-five days, and the integration of the seventh layer of kundalini will happen within approximately 111 days.