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Your Soul Body Is Becoming Your Day-to-Day Self

Your Soul Body Is Becoming Your Day-to-Day Self Isis through Robert Shapiro

Now, there is an issue happening to some people. Before sleep, not usually before a nap but before a lengthy sleep, when you retire for the night — go to bed, or whatever, to sleep — you will see, with your eyes closed, faces of people. And sometimes the faces are people who look unhappy or upset or angry, like that. Generally, it’s people who look upset for one reason or another. And this will just flash from face to face; it won’t linger on any one person.

First off, I want you to know that most often this will not be anybody you know. Oh, there might be somebody who bears a slight resemblance to somebody you know, or have known, but generally these will be people you don’t know and have never met, and you have no idea what this is about. It doesn’t go on forever. It just lasts for maybe a few seconds, up to a half a minute in some cases. This is part of the process in becoming your spiritual self as your day-to-day self, meaning, becoming your soul self, your overall spirit being as your day-to-day self. When you are like that, you will always know whether there is somebody on your planet who is upset and needs help or who is suffering in some way.

This is what to do when that happens, even if you are very sleepy. For those of you who experience benevolent energies around you and can feel them, you don’t have to say the following. But if you don’t generally feel them, or you’re not sure what it is, then say,