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Your Presence Is Causing Major Awakenings

Your Presence Is Causing Major Awakenings Ones of Light through Thelma Bodnar

Greetings to you on this most beautiful celebration of life on planet Earth. We come to you with great exultations for the level of consciousness you have now attained. You have been working and waiting for this opportunity to be free of past declarations made on your behalf by those gone before you many millennia ago. They did what they thought best for your civilization, but as time passed, they realized their error. Now you have been released from their implants and have a new set of guidelines that will prove to serve you in this new stage of growth in the light.

You recall how you have struggled with self-doubt, struggled to make sense of your world, and struggled to find your true self amid the clamors of your surroundings. Now you are free to be who you are by means of freewill choice (which you always had) without the confines of previous limits and liabilities imposed on you by your predecessors.

Such great news could not go without commentary from us. We have watched and waited with much anticipation for this day. You are advancing at phenomenal rates, and there are no limits to your manifestations. Manifestations come to you easily now, and the sky’s the limit — or not. It all depends on you. You have been given the keys to the kingdom, so to speak.