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Your Changes Lead to a Better Tomorrow

Your Changes Lead to a Better Tomorrow Andaba through Abby Isadora Haydon

Many of you are now in the midst of the new energy flows engulfing your planet. Many of you have felt the shifts happening. You have been inclined to move and leave your careers, families, and friends for an adventure that will take you to greater experiences of conscious expansion.

When we say that, we mean that you will be going on journeys — both in the physical and in the etheric realms — that will expand your ability to perceive a greater range of spiritual experiences. Many of you are being forced to leave your old lives and even your old ways behind. We only wish to encourage you all to accept these changes happening in your outer world. They are transpiring so that your inner world, the way in which you experience more refined frequencies of existence, can be brought about.

Many of you are being shifted about quite a lot. Some may feel these changes as mere hiccups in the flow of your daily lives. Some may begin to experience great changes in every aspect of living. However these changes manifest in your lives, we encourage you to welcome and embrace the changes that are taking place.