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You Are Being Integrated with Your Self Now

You Are Being Integrated with Your Self Now The Spirit of Space and Gabriel et al. through Arthur Fanning

2 June 2015

Permission to ascend is a polite name for the process that the human must go through to ask permission, and even the understanding of what the word “ascend” means — it means descension — you accept more of yourself as an ascended being, walking. To explain that in a title is difficult. Now, starting this month, the secret ones within your self are coming forth, and this is where it can get tricky. The secret ones of your self are coming up.

This is an explanation of the book Permission to Ascend [forthcoming by Arthur Fanning]. Because this is what is occurring in your physical bodies now, there is a feeling you all get that is coming up from the interior portion of the planet. It is affecting your coccyx area in your lower back. Now, in your meditation, you beings have been taught to remain still with your palms up, basically, and to focus upward from the self that is physically sitting and walking on the planet. The purpose of that was to train the self that is physical now to understand what “up” means. So now you have opened the channel upward, and you are calling your selves that you have hidden and pushed down into the ground that you didn’t want to deal with. They are coming up through you, and this greater light that you have achieved is coming down to blend in with you to forgive those portions of the self that want to continue with you.