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The Unknown History of Earth

The Unknown History of Earth Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There’s a new wind blowing your way. Can you feel it? There’s a new energy here. I know where I am [Istanbul, Turkey]. Dear ones, this evening I want to give a little more information about the place you sit. It is very common for us to sit in the energy of a certain culture and give information about it. We’ve done this before in many places. Just recently [March 2015] we did this in the middle of a continent you call Australia. We’ve done it in the South of France, in the United Kingdom, in Bulgaria, and several times in parts of Russia. These names represent the countries you have today, not those in the past.

We’ve also spoken this way in Hungary, yet every time I give you the name of a country like that, you have a picture of where it is today. However, the borders that are drawn with the current country names you have now are very recent versions of a very different story. You only know these countries in the framework of your own history. I want to give you a bigger history tonight. I want to tell you an untold story — unknown history.

This won’t be a very long channeling, but it’s going to be packed with profound information for you. Although the message today is specifically targeted at those in front of me, the overall message is for everyone. The idea is that there is ancient history about to be found. With these discoveries come unanswered questions about the past Humanity. This channeling will help you by answering some questions about these mysteries. Read on.