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Undercover UFO Encounter

Undercover UFO Encounter Tom Dongo

I have now been in the UFO research business for almost thirty years. I have probably written over a million words on the subject to date, and one thing I have learned is that extraterrestrials (or aliens) love to play games or tricks on us humans. Some world-class UFO researchers often specialize on this exact subject. ETs have directly tricked me on at least a dozen occasions in the past thirty years. Most of these strange events I have documented in my seven books. A case in point is the following incident I will describe, which happened just weeks ago on June 8, 2015.

I need to mention first that in the past two months we have experienced a variety of world-class UFO sightings here in the Sedona area. A total of twelve people have been with me on the times of these sightings as witnesses. In the July issue of this magazine, I talked about two of these recent sightings.