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The Truth in Your Breath

The Truth in Your Breath The White-Winged Ones of Holy Light/Illuminated Truth through Laura Pieratt

We see you are at the beginning of new beginnings. That has become a theme, has it not? Each month, it seems we are heralding the newest new. It is about time; you have waited so long. Do not get caught up in — or bored by — the redundancy of the message that something new is coming. As the message that more is coming becomes routine, it is as if you are getting numb to the gift of it even though you waited eons to hear it. Instead, celebrate how quickly the new is flowing to you! It is like the way fresh, pristine flowing water can clean and purify a lake that was previously stagnant. The new continues to flow in, clearing and cleansing the old, refreshing it until the whole of the lake is crystal clear, vibrant, and inviting to all who wish to quench their thirst from such living waters. It is the same for all of you now as waves of fresh, clear, pure crystalline light bathe Earth and all upon her, refreshing, renewing, revitalizing, and restoring you back to clear vessels of living light.

We are here to remind you yet again that this is a beautiful gift you have brought to yourselves. You chose it at a time when many thought it might go another way. But you chose it from your deep knowing and power within. And it is here as the blessing you prayed forth from your deepest souls where you reside as one. Immerse, enjoy, and refresh yourselves in that which you are. Let it fill you and enliven your holy selves. You remember well as you attune to yourselves once again, sweet ones!

Breathe Your True Light Back into Your Being